What is great copy made of?

01. Clarity

Without clarity, your customers won’t know what you’re trying to sell them. Copywriting should be easy to comprehend. If it’s not, then people will stop reading in search of a company or product that communicates more clearly with their audience.

02. Relevance

If your copy doesn’t relate to the customer, there’s no chance of a sale. So you need to make sure that your product or service is relevant to your customers. Copy should be tailored to your target audience so it connects with them on a personal level.

03. Call to Action

A call-to-action motivates the reader into taking action on what you’re selling them. So you need to include a call-to-action at the end of your copy. Copy should always close with a CTA that encourages your audience to take advantage of your offer. 

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“I was in need of professional-looking copy for my company and Noah delivered for me promptly. It was exactly what I was looking for. It was a pleasure working together!”

– Taven Romesser, CEO of TRR Dynamic Media Solutions

Who am I?

I’m your copy connoisseur.

Hi! My name's Noah

CEO of NJPwriting

I’m a free-spirited New Yorker with a passion for words and sales. I’ve been copywriting for over a year under my stellar mentor, Jacob McMillen (#1 ranked copywriter on Google).

While I’m a goofball at heart, I’m a certified workhorse when it comes to delivering you copywriting that gets results.

Additional training

♦ I have a university-level education in attraction, communication, and human desire. My grasp of human nature + psychology makes for a unique, persuasive, and confident writing style.

♦ I’m a certified trainer for the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM). This gives me an extra edge while working with Lifestyle brands centered around exercise, health, and nutrition.

Training, Mentors, Accolades, & Certifications

Obsessed with learning.

Your Copy Benefits

Why you’ll love working with me.

Your stress will melt away.

I’ll take the burden of writing copy off your shoulders and deliver you a project that exceeds your expectations.


You'll get magnetizing copy.

I’ll write you lead attracting, high-performance copy free of typos and grammatical errors (10 times out of 10).

You get unlimited revisions.

I offer unlimited revisions for a month post-delivery of your project. I’m not satisfied unless you are too.

Copy is all about the details.

How I can help you.

Your Copy Challenge

You want to improve your copywriting, but you don’t know where to start. Your readers are demanding more from your content – they’re tired of fluff copywriting that doesn’t address and solve their problems.

Your hard work is going unnoticed, web traffic is slow, and sales aren’t anywhere near your goal.

My Copy Solution

I’m here to help you write copy that makes your business stand out. Whether it’s an email campaign or a full-blown website redesign project, I can make sure that your message gets across clearly.

Copywriting is my passion and I’m ready to show you how great things happen when we work together!


Trusted by Brands Around the Globe.

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Copywriting FAQs

What is copywriting & what does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is writing with the intention to sell. A copywriter can be responsible for everything from a small slogan on a package to a TV commercial that sells millions of dollars worth of product each year through clever wording, and persuasive imagery.

Is hiring a professional copywriter worth it?

A professional copywriter can help you resonate deeply with your readers and make sales for your business. Even if you’re just looking to post content on your website or blog, a professional copywriter can help make that content much more appealing to an online audience.

Do you offer free project revisions?

Yes, I do! Every project you purchase from me comes with unlimited revisions for one-month post-delivery. I’ll take care of anything you want revised as long as there isn’t a major shift in the direction of the copy (that will cost extra as that’s essentially starting over).

What can copywriting do to help my business?

Copywriting can make or break the success and visibility of any business in today’s digital world. The power behind well-written, well-planned copy can be huge because it grabs potential customers by the hand and says “Hey, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.”

What do you charge per project?

A small blog post (500 words), small newsletter (500 words), small email campaign (2-3 emails), or single-page website project will start at $250. Expect rates of $500-$1000 for larger projects (Note: I will not start a project until an initial downpayment of half the total project fee is made).

Do you offer project samples if I'm unsure about moving forward with you?

If you still need a little something more to bite onto after the quote, I’ll write you a small project sample with ideas to look over. And if you don’t like my ideas or the price tag? No problem. We don’t move forward unless we decide we’re a good fit.

“Very attentive to exactly what my business is about.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better individual to work with. Noah was very attentive to exactly what my business is about and was fast about getting back to me. A pretty talented guy in general! Would recommend him!”

Josh Strzelec, CEO of Natural Design

Stop wasting time trying to write copy yourself.

You’ve probably written some of your own copy already…

It’s frustrating when you try and try to get a message right, but nothing works. Then your brain shuts down and the cursor blinks 100 times before you can even think of another word that’s worth typing.

So if you want:

♦ Copy that’s crisp and connects with your target audience

♦ A consistent, authentic voice that highlights your strengths

♦ A reliable, trained copywriter to take on your stressful projects

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