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Questions before you hire me.

How does payment for my copywriting project work?

You pay half of the initial cost of the quote upfront and then I get to work. Note that I do not start projects until I’ve received the first half of your project’s total cost. After you’ve received your finished project from me and everything is to your liking, then you pay the final half of your project’s cost. Special payment options can also be arranged for certain clients—most specifically for the personal copywriter and personal editor packages.

What ways can I pay you for my copywriting project?

You can pay me through a bank account, PayPal, or wire transfer. If you have another preferred option that’s safe and effective for both of us, I’ll hear you out on it. You’ll get a final invoice from me with your project details.

How do I receive my project when it's finished?

I send most finished projects (like website pages, blog articles, and email campaigns) in Google doc form. In other scenarios, you may receive a PDF-style document or I may work directly in the backend of your website.

You're kind of expensive compared to average copywriters...why?

I’m more expensive because I have the proper training across many different areas of copywriting, marketing, SEO, and content writing. You’re getting the complete package when you hire me. If you want to hire some poor guy to write your website for $50, I’m not your man. I take the time to ensure you get every dollar’s worth of what you invest in me because I’m investing equally in you. I don’t work with clients that try to work writers to the bone for pennies. I work with clients that respect and understand the importance of copywriting for their brand.

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